Welcome to the Striving Stewardess! This blog is a joint venture between two sister-in-laws, Amanda and Ronnica. While we don’t always agree, we have a shared passion for creating a better place for our family, our world and ourselves. We’re millennials who want to be good stewards of our own personal resources (time, talent, and treasure) as well as the world’s resources.

Some of the post topics you can anticipate reading include personal finance (such as how to trim costs, save more, and strive to be debt free…and why those are so important), how to go beyond the three Rs and be better caretakers of our environment (Did someone mention composting? And can’t forget the value of the thrift shop!), and priorities in an ever-changing world.

We hope you enjoy striving with us as we embark on this blogging journey.

Why “Striving Stewardess?”

We talked about why we chose our blog’s name in our first post.

About Amanda

A lifelong Kansas resident, Amanda has proudly called the Kansas City metro home for five years.  After graduating from the University of Kansas in 2007, she married Riley in 2010.  She became a full-time family manager when her daughter, “Bean”, was born in 2011; son, “Peanut”, was born in 2013.  In addition to working hard to manage the resources and gifts given to her, Amanda also enjoys reading, watching documentaries, singing, going on walks with the family dog, and enjoys community and church gatherings.

About Ronnica

Ronnica is a recent transplant to Denver, Colorado in her early 30s. Born in Kansas, she is (mostly) contentedly single. After getting a history degree from The University of Oklahoma (Boomer! Sooner!), she moved to North Carolina to attend seminary. She has 5 years’ experience with a non-profit credit counseling agency and now works in technical support. Besides her interest in using less personal and world resources, she loves to read, watch sports and hike. Though she often fails, she aims to make Jesus Christ central to all that she does.