The Big Announcement

Time for me to take a page out of Ronnica's book!
Time for me to take a page out of Ronnica’s book!

Last week, I mentioned that I have a big announcement to share with you today.  So without further ado…

*Pauses for dramatic effect*

Ladies and gentlemen, we are moving.

Not just to a new house.  Not just a state away.  No–we are moving two states away, far from our cozy home in the Kansas City suburbs to the Dallas/Fort Worth area of TEXAS.

This was somewhat unexpected, but when a wonderful job opportunity came up for Riley, we knew it was in our family’s best interest to accept the job and all that entailed.  I never thought that 1) I’d ever leave Kansas, 2) I’d ever leave Kansas for Texas, and 3) that I’d be sort of excited at the prospect of leaving for someplace new.

Not surprisingly, I am also incredibly stressed by all that has to happen before we settle in to our new home (because moving with small children).  Having moved around quite a bit in my 31 years (eight times, if you count twice in college), this is not my first rodeo, but it is my children’s first time moving (and hopefully the last), and it is my first time moving with a family of my own.  There is a great deal to consider–looks like it may be time for me to dig through the archives to see what Ronnica did!

Expect moving updates in the weeks ahead.  Here we go!

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