A Month of Moving

11415768915_83a98098aa_mIt has officially been over a month since we made the decision to move from Kansas City to Dallas.  One month of blog posts about my thoughts on moving thus far.

Can I be frank with you?

Most of the time, I feel like this move was a mistake.  The house is not selling as quickly as anyone hoped, and the prospect of some time apart while Riley starts his new position in Texas and the kids and I wait in Kansas City for the house to sell is starting to become very real.  Getting everyone out of the house–two kids and two big dogs–during showings is taking its toll on me.  Oh, and we are buying that second car, much to my dismay (but I suppose it really is needed–four years with just one car isn’t too bad, I guess).  These are but a few of the items constantly on my mind these days.

It’s a lot of change in an incredibly short amount of time, with a whole lot of unknowns.   Still, I have to trust that this move is what is best for our family–that there are benefits out there that I have yet to see–so I have to keep plugging away “with grit and gumption.”

I need to remember that this move is a gift.  It’s just pretty wrapped up right now!

Photo by Mark Moz

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