Joint Book Review: The One-Page Financial Plan by Carl Richards

one-page financial planCarl Richards’ The One-Page Financial Plan is about what it sounds like: simplifying personal financial planning. Richards walks his readers through creating this very simple guide for their personal financial decisions.

Amanda’s Take

This was not my first experience with Carl Richards’ work; I am also familiar with his previous work, The Behavior Gap, and enjoyed it.  As such, I was eager to read what he had to say in Financial Plan.

I was not disappointed.  What I appreciated most was the over-arching theme of prioritization–a topic near and dear to my heart.  It is difficult to make a plan of any kind–financial or otherwise–without taking note of one’s goals and priorities (be it on one page of paper or ten).

This book would be especially helpful for those just starting out in life–specifically young adults.  As Ronnica will note in her portion of the review, there are plenty of diagrams to help illustrate the author’s point.  As an added bonus, the book is relatively short, which is something not all financial books can say.

Check out The One-Page Financial Plan for a good introduction (or reminder) on financial well-being.

Ronnica’s Take

I really enjoyed The One-Page Financial Plan. While I’ve had some formal training in budgeting and personal finances, this was the most useful book or training that I have.

Simply, Richards walks you through specifying the one most important reason why you are working on your finances, then takes you from there.

In specifying what financial goals that will help you achieve your bigger “why” I love that he walks you through determining which of those are most important to you. I think it’s rare if anyone has a set of financial goals that can all be accomplished to their fullest desires. We all have to prioritize, and this book provided a good framework to recognize that.

Another thing that stands out to me in this book was the multitude of simple diagrams. In this age of apps, memes and infographics, I think that this helps the book and it’s teachings “stick.”

If your finances need a tune up or an overhaul, I recommend checking out The One-Page Financial Plan.

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