Giving up Diet Dr Pepper

diet dr pepperThe longer I’ve walked this green journey, the less comfortable I have been with my beverage of choice: Diet Dr Pepper.

I started drinking Diet Dr Pepper almost 10 years ago when I started feeling my blood sugar rise and then plummet after drinking my afternoon Dr Pepper. Since then, I’ve had one or more Diet Dr Pepper almost every day.

Before I switched to diet, I drank one or more Dr Peppers daily from high school, apart from a few summers when I gave it up. I remember my first summer after high school  starting my day with a 32 oz vanilla Dr Pepper and fueling myself through 2 jobs by drinking a can of it every break and lunch.

At several points I’ve been able to work myself back down to one Diet Dr Pepper a day, but unless I’ve given it up for a period of time, I’ve not been able to cut it down much further than that.

I’ve never been good with moderation.

So I’ve decided to give up Diet Dr Pepper for good. I drank my last on September 13th.

By giving up caffeinated sodas, I’m taking another step in simplifying my life. I will no longer rely on caffeine, but will need to eat nourishing food (rather than cheap calories) for energy.

I also am choosing to set aside the money that I would previously have been spending on Diet Dr Pepper and funneling it into a special fund. Though the actual amount I spent on Diet Dr Pepper varied, I decided to set aside $5/week from my grocery budget and $10/month from my eating out budget to put into this fund. This will add up to $380 a year.

I’m calling this fund my “homesteading” fund. I don’t yet know how it will be spent, but I hope to use it on things that will help me towards my goal of being an urban homesteader: gardening supplies, tools, solar panels…who knows.

I know that giving up my favorite “sweet” will be hard, but I know it is the right thing for me. I look forward to seeing what further changes this one will encourage in me.

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