Simplifying Possessions

unnamed (1)Recently, I had an epiphany.

The less stuff we have, the less time we have to spend cleaning.

I suppose this isn’t the best reason to do a fall purge, but it was the push I needed to get going on this project.  Most of us are familiar with the concept of spring cleaning–thoroughly cleaning and organizing our homes once a year, usually after the winter.

But how many of us actually participate in this ritual?

I will be the first to say it is a lot easier to talk the talk than to walk the walk.  I would love to have a neat, organized home and know that a yearly cleansing would go a long way towards accomplishing that, but with two kids, two dogs, and two less-than-organized adults with a penchant for hanging on to stuff out of sentiment–to say nothing of fluctuating motivation!–that endeavor is a constant battle.

Enter the idea of simplifying possessions.

There are only a few in my circle of close friends who truly enjoy the cleaning and organizing.  I give them major props.  Myself, I’d rather spend time playing with my kiddos or reading a good book than dealing with an overflowing closet of unworn clothing or a basement full of junk.

That’s why I like the idea of just nipping things in the bud right out of the gate.  If time is a gift, and cleaning is not how I choose to spend the majority of that gift (but I also don’t want to live in complete squalor), I have to approach it less from a damage control standpoint, and more like a preventative measure.

I alluded to a fall purge earlier, and it is currently underway.  In addition to dusting, mopping and the like, simplifying possessions is playing a significant part in that. The Get Yourself Organized Project: 21 Steps to Less Mess and Stress has been a great resource for me.  I dedicate about a half hour each night to this project, so as not to detract from family time and other work that needs to be done.  As a result, it’s taking a lot longer than the two days I’d originally planned, but I’m getting there steadily.

I’d like make this biannual “simplification” a tradition…but let’s get through this current one first.  What steps have you taken to pare down your stuff?

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